The Virtual Communications Pioneers company, as the Axis Silver Solution Partner, has consistently attempted to use the latest achievement in terms of social responsibility for the damage that is caused by the lack of attention to detail in security and video surveillance issues for organizations. The technology of the day and with reputed branded agents such as the Swedish company, Axis IP cameras provide comprehensive and complete solutions for intelligent surveillance systems, telecommunication, and networking. Therefore, the company has been faithful in achieving this goal.
The virtual communication pioneer has always believed that success can be achieved by moving to the future and following these below-listed issues.

  • Provide high-quality equipment with cutting edge technology
  • Design, consultancy and video surveillance services
  • Implementing customer requirements
  • Provide after sales services and maintenance
  • Hiring new recruits with creativity and empowering

The Virtual Communication Pioneers (VCP Co.) is the official representative of Axis, Genetec, Milestone, Barco, 2N and Herta

We have always been looking for the best projects, relying on cutting edge technology

(Updated March 2018)


To view the list of AXIS Cameras, see their specifications and technical descriptions click on the link below:
AXIS IP Camera – Shop Online

A number of Axis products that are available at our online shop with their detailed specifications and information

Virtual Communication Pioneers Certificates

Our technician team has always been looking for learning new technologies to execute projects with the best quality

Quality Equipment

We always use brand new and original products from most reputable companies in our projects, And we will continue to do so

Years of Experience

Over 4 decades of our companies experience, with a friendly group of personnel, we are proud to be called hard workers

Updated Knowledge

Depends on Axis cutting edge technologies and other partner of Axis like Genetec & Milestone etc. we are always up to date

5Year Warranty

In line with the promotion and excellence of our customers’ positions, we launched a support and after-sales service

AfterSale Services

We provide products with up to 10 years of after sale services, and we can support you no matter where you are across our beloved country Iran

Full Solution

Based on every organization needs, we with using cutting edge technologies and our technician experiences always seeking to represent a comprehensive solution to our customers